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Our Management Committee


Rachie - President, Manager, full time carer for the animals.Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Hello! I'm Rachie, really I'm just your friendly local rat nerd. 
I've always been an animal lover. I've had pet mice since I was five and rats since I was twelve, and I've never stopped learning about them. As far as community involvement, I'm a former management member of the  Queensland Rodent Fanciers Society, where I was proud to write new ethics and animal welfare standards and help set up a system for Approved Rescues, bridging the breeder/rescue divide. I'm also currently sitting on the Small Mammals Advisory Group for Animal Care Australia, lending a specialist voice to challenge government policy setting that impacts animal welfare. 
I'm currently finishing my honours year for a Bachelor of Advanced Science, my major is biology (plant science) and before my rescue days I was heading into research science as a career.
My role here at the rescue is shifting, for the past two years it's been "everything" but as we grow and settle into a structure I'm becoming more of a manager and advisor to some roles and taking on some new ones, though I'm still the primary caretaker and decision maker for the animals in our care and see to their day to day needs.
On a personal level, I'm still a nerd. I love books and games, I play Dungeons and Dragons, I love making things, I love learning. 
Rescue work is fulfilling on so many levels. What was once a well meaning hobby has evolved into a really important job, one that I can still do alongside chronic health conditions that don't mesh with many traditional job structures. It's an outlet for empathy and my "mum friend" desire to nurture everything, it's a target for creativity and a great way to satisfy my need be challenged academically. It constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone and prompts me to grow, and it's led to me being surrounded by the most incredible, passionate people I could ask for.
At the end of the day I'm just a girl who loves rats a lot, and my way of sharing that passion is by making their lives better, by direct action and by educating people! Come and love rats with me. <3


Ally (#AdminAlly) -  Secretary, Social Media Manager,
Team Wellbeing Officer and High Needs Foster CarerImage may contain: one or more people and eyeglasses

Hai there!

My name is Admin Ally - you will often find me tagged in posts on the Rachie's Ratirement Home Facebook and Instagram pages, I do a lot of the social media management for the Rescue. I am also the Rescue Secretary at the moment and I help to keep to our members informed and the management side of the Rescue under control. In my day to day life I am a social worker, so loving and snuggling my little furry friends when I get home is a lovely way to chill out after a tough day. I have an ever changing cohort of beautiful foster rats in my care and I am particularly involved with looking after our palliative and high care residents. I also work a lot with malnutrition cases, including rats I support myself, and rat owners that I mentor online. If you have ever emailed the rescue or engaged with our social media accounts - we have likely chatted and I hope to meet you one day at the Rescue!


Chris - Treasurer, Rescue Maintenance, Transport and Rat CarerImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup, food, burger

Chris, is the quiet and hard working third piece to our rescue Triforce. He takes care of transport, helps with a lot of behind the scenes tasks, and generally shares his life with the rescues. Long before the rescue evolved into what it was, Chris was part of its backbone - cleaning cages when Rachie was too sick, loving and handling the rats and always helping wherever he was needed. You sometimes catch him during open days popping by quietly with a cup of tea and a "Stay hydrated".

He's now filling the role of treasurer, and will be responsible for tracking and analyzing our finances so we can best achieve our goals, a vital part of keeping the lights on! 
When Chris isn't working hard - at work or at the rescue, or on the housework that the rescue invariably overtakes - he loves riding his bike, playing board games and video games, and eating good food!


Jae - Administration Coordinator

Hello lovelies, my name is Jae and I’m the administration coordinator for the humans and rats at rachies ratirement home.

I started off at the rescue in their second year, adopting my late heart rat Master Miguel. I fell in love with the big brioche loaf rat and the rescue, and began my work by fostering, cleaning, rehabilitating and painting custom art at @jaesthetic.arts to raise money for the rescue.

I’ve got a real soft spot for the old rats, especially old boys due to their masterful cuddling skills, and plentiful kisses. As a science student majoring in wildlife biology, I saw the rescue as an valuable opportunity to get hands on experience in animal husbandry, behavioural support and critical care. I also saw the amazing opportunity to put in the work for the underdogs of the underdogs, rehab and rehoming surrendered rats is an unusual gig after all.

I see the rescue as a vital part of the Australian rat community, and it’s given me the position to have foundational influence to an organisation I really care about.

You will see me as Admin Jae in the email account, as well as hosting the rescue tumblr, and around the rescue - I’m the tall one with boots so please say hello and ask me about my rats.


Meet more of our team!


Amy - Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

Hoi! My name is Amy, and I'm the Sponsorship and Fundraising Coodinator for Rachie's Ratirement Home! It's my job to coordinate fundraising campaigns for the rescue, and liaise with potential sponsors. Our most recent campaign, Operation Patch Up, has been a great success with many of the patchworks under our care now able to receive the life-saving surgery required to fix the health issues they have. 

With a communications background, I dabble in some of the social media for Admin Ally when I'm not spamming my accounts with photos of my own mischief - all of which are RSQ graduates!

Jessie - Site Supervisor

Hey there! My name's Jessie and I'm the Onsite Supervisor here at Rachies Ratirement Home. I work part time as a cleaner and have a passion for the education and development of animal welfare in Australia. I started volunteering at the rescue in early 2021 where I starting off cleaning cages, doing vet transport and daily checks. From there, I began rearranging and reorganising the rescue space, creating a sales area to resell donated cages and accessories and maintaining the overall cleanliness of the rescue. As time went on, I slid into the role of Onsite Supervisor.

In a nutshell, my role as Onsite Supervisor is to maintain the functionality and organisation of the space to ensure that our Volunteers, Visitors and Rat Residents are in a safe and comfortable environment. During my shift, you'll usually find me floating around the rescue sorting through donations, stocking our sales area with hammocks and accessories, doing some "handyman" jobs or having a cuddle with a rattie or two! If you see me around, feel free to say hi and have a chat, I'm always down for chatting with the rat community! 


Kyla - Foster Care Coordinator

Profile coming soon!


Aaron - Volunteer Coordinator

Profile coming soon!


August 29, 2020