Mixed supplement porridge for rats needing nutritional support.
01 Dec 2019

Rat Nutrition - Supplementary Porridge


We see a lot of rats who are undernourished or otherwise in need of nutritional support to add condition, overcome a medical issue or get through a pregnancy. One good trick we're asked a lot about is making a porridge or wet food to promote eating in a weak or disinterested rat, without resorting to less nutritionally complete treats!
Here is a recipe for a porridge that suits rats or mice with a risk of aspiration (inhaling fluids) or where there are beans (babies) present in the tub.




  • Vetafarm Rodent Origin's Pellets/Laucke Mills/Cummins (a nutritionally complete pellet or block)
  • Di-vetelact/baby formula/sustagen powder (a tasty base)
  • Nutrigel/Nutripet 


  1. Soak half a cup of the pellet or block in water until soft and forming a thin porridge.
    The amount of water required differs by brand, the 'dust' at the bottom of a laucke bag is perfect for this purpose.
  2. Add a heaped teaspoon of formula
  3. Add a small amount of Nutrigel - you need less than you would assume, read the tube for directions. 
  4. Mix everything up, if you find you've made it too wet for your liking, you can add quick oats to reach the desired consistency easily.

A few hints:

  • Making up a larger amount and freezing in ice cube trays is good for portioning and as a hot weather treat.
  • Be careful leaving bowls of liquid in with babies, as a drowning risk.
  • This mix will go off quickly, don't leave in the cage for longer than a day, and make small quantities as needed if not freezing.
  • Be mindful of using high calorie supplements on overweight animals.
  • "The dose makes the poison" - when using concentrated supplementation like Nutripet, resist the urge to give as much as you can. Minerals and vitamins that are helpful in the right quantities may put a strain on the system if in excessive amounts, or deter your rat from eating it.
  • Work with your vet, some conditions have specific needs.

Happy catering!


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