Adoption FAQs

Here is some helpful information to support your adoption journey - if there are things you’re not sure about feel free to ask, we’re happy to help you set up a great living environment for your pet rats! 


Q: Are your rats treated for pests and parasites?
All our animals are routinely parasite treated and this treatment makes toxic to other animals (i.e. they are adopted to be pets and cannot be used a feeder animals).

Q: Can my child/ren adopt from RRH?
A: RRH adopters must be over 18 years of age, or have a parent or guardian adopt the rats on their behalf and ensure that the care needs of the animal (environment, food, veterinary care) are all met.

Q: Where are you?
A: RRH is located at Sunnybank Hills, a short walk from the train station (please note only registered assistance animals are allowed on trains). We have on-street parking available if you are driving however we are located in a suburban street so please be considerate of our neighbours.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt an RRH resident?
A: Our intact residents are adopted at a fee of $35 per rat which is a fee set to cover some of the costs of their time in care and also to detract from those that are looking for rats for reasons other than pet adoption. We also adopt out residents who have undergone desexing with the adoption fee of $150 which reflects some of the cost of care and surgery whilst ensuring we can continue to offer those life saving medical interventions to future rats in need.

Q: I saw a specific rat that I want to adopt? / Do you have any "insert coat type here" rats available?
A: At RRH we encourage our adopters to choose based on personality and suitability to their current colony, their owner experience and their set up rather than a preferred appearance. We are absolutely happy to work with adopters to make sure we have someone to suit their needs but please be aware that cannot promise certain aesthetic traits, nor can we 'hold' a particular resident for anyone.

Q: Do you transit, ship or bring ratties out to an offsite location?
A: All adoptions from Rachie's Ratirement Home take place at the rescue unless otherwise specified and all visits to the rescue must be booked in with our admin team without exception to support the safe and effective functioning of the Rescue (and to make sure a volunteer is there to meet and assist you).

We don’t use freight or delivery services to transport our rats to adoptive homes. Part of our process for ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our animals is meeting you as part of the adoption process.

Q: What about a rat living by itself, I will give it lots of attention?
A: Rachie's Ratirement Home Inc. does not endorse lone rats (single rats kept alone) except in the most exceptional of circumstances. We do not, under any circumstances adopt out one rat unless they will be joining an existing colony. Rats are obligate colony animals, studies have shown they prefer groups of 6+ however we support colonies three rats. We do accept rats to be kept in pairs however we strongly encourage owners to consider three or more for their health, wellbeing and enrichment. We are absolutely happy to help lone rat owners with companion foster rats (should a further adoption be unsuitable) where we have a companion rat available or by facilitating a surrender to the rescue who can then support the rat with a suitable colony arrangement onsite.


If you would like to to adopt, please read and fill out an adoption application here - we and our residents would be delighted to hear from you!


Have more questions about adopting? You're welcome to email us directly at if you have any further questions or would like additional resources.